Oliver Dearden

Ollie is a Newcastle University law graduate who realised law wasn’t for him. He found recruitment & a home with Elsdon in 2015 and is Elsdon’s longest serving employee, with the silver hair to prove it! He’s helped build & grow several of our practices and has developed his curiosity & skills in everything from CRM to Marketing Automation, e-Commerce, Data Warehousing, ETL & BI, and lately is geekily & professionally fascinated with AWS, Azure & all things Cloud. Basically, as his girlfriend worked out years ago to her advantage, tell Ollie something is difficult or impossible, and he can’t help himself but go do it. The office is tied as to if he just LOVES a challenge or is just REALLY stubborn. Outside of work Ollie is an enormous rugby fan and has been lucky enough to go to several high-profile games & tournaments. He even still finds the time to hobble round a field most weekends. If you’ve got a lot of time to kill, ask him about rugby, we dare you. He also loves to travel & explore the World, soak up different cultures, especially their food & drink and would love to visit every country in the World & have the liquor cabinet & the memories to prove it.