Equality vs Equity

Equality is the idea that because everybody has the same worth, everybody deserves the same treatment. But equity is the idea that everybody has the same worth and therefore they deserve to have the treatment they need in order to be their best selves.

When aiming for a diverse workplace, it’s important to emphasize the differences between equality and equity to create a truly fair and inclusive environment for your employees. Although similar-sounding terms, equality, and equity actually refer to two very distinct concepts, and the differences between these concepts matter greatly to the people in your organization. As an important factor for an inclusive and progressive workplace, all industries should be implementing processes to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and in a way that gives everyone equal opportunity.

Equality is a huge factor when it comes to inclusion and diversity and a crucial element in creating a workplace that is fair for everyone. Equality means all associates receive the same treatment without discrimination of race or ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or age.

Equity aims to identity and eliminate barriers that prevent full participation from employees. An example of this in the workplace would be ensuring that resources are accessible to all employees. Having accessible content means an equal opportunity is created for all. Another example that may aid in someone’s application to work, is ensuring that job applications can be completed on multiple devices, in the case of an individual owning for example a mobile device, but not a laptop.

At Elsdon Consulting we are proud to implement processes which create a fair environment for everyone. As a recruitment company, we incorporate equitable practices throughout our work in recruiting candidates and putting forward talented individuals to interview processes. We are proud to say we work with clients who do have the same standards in place to provide an inclusive and progressive culture for all.

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