Celebrating 8th Years with Elsdon Consulting

Elsdon Consulting has recently reached its 8th year anniversary this September. To commemorate this occasion, we hosted a celebration for all the hard work of our staff and the growth the company has experienced over the years. Our Newcastle, Manchester, and Austin offices came together to give a huge welcome to all our new starters, celebrated the recent promotions across the company and acknowledged and awarded the hard work of our amazing employees!

Opening in 2014, Elsdon Consulting started off as a small start-up company with less than 5 employees based in Newcastle, UK. Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength with large expansions over 2 continents including offices in Europe and North America.

Highlights for the past year for Elsdon Consulting include trialing the 4-day working week which was then made permanent after a successful probation period. The new style of working has given our employees more time to relax, spend time with friends and family and work on hobbies/sports. We decided to make it permanent after receiving feedback that everyone at Elsdon Consulting was feeling less stressed, happier, and more valued.

This has been a year of growth for Elsdon Consulting. We have found ourselves opening new departments and sectors with the help of our talented and motivated employees. We have grown to over 50 employees, each of whom contribute greatly to the value of the company. Another great achievement for Elsdon Consulting in 2022, is the opening of our latest office location. In June, we opened an office in Austin, Texas. We are excited to see the growth of the company over in Austin.

We would finally like to thank all of our staff for their hard work! We have lots of exciting plans for the future and look forward to sharing them.

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